'Why are they coming?'

Because it's almost Christmas! "The Claus project" is heavily inspired by generosity at Christmas, helping others and 'giving back' to our community... With festive spirit, we're giving back to Claus holders generously through countless daily competitions, giveaways, and charitable donations, especially during advent (1st-25th December)!

It is Christmas, after all... 



All designs have been hand-drawn with careful consideration, time, and effort, by our fantastic digital artist with 8+ years' experience in digital illustration. 


Only 2512 unique Crypto Claus' will ever exist on the Solana Blockchain. There are also  10 highly distinctive, customised Super Claus', which are extremely rare (1/1). 


The mint price has been kept low to ensure everyone has access to a Claus. Having a low MINT price will also encourage the floor-price to grow as the project goes on. 


At least 10%+ of the mint proceeds will go straight to charitable causes just in time for Christmas. 


Our community comes first. Active members of our community and Claus Holders will be rewarded through daily giveaways, competitions and activities. 25% of royalties will also be added to a DAO fund, for the community to decide how to spend. 

Minting Begins

Nov 30 2021 20:00:00 GMT

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Price per Mint

0.99 SOL

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Giving back to the community is our main objective, so we've designed a roadmap with the aim to do just that...

November 2021 PHASE 1: PRE-LAUNCH

• Designs and website are finalised.

• Incentives, competitions and giveaways to raise awareness. 

• Presale whitelist confirmed through discord (free mint). 

• Mod team is recruited, community is built.

• Feedback is gathered, and strategy shaped by community. 

November 2021 PHASE 2: PRE-SALE & LAUNCH

• Presale launch with free minting for whitelisted members (November 27th)

• Public sale launch for the remaining NFTs (November 30th, 20.00 GMT). 

• 100% Sold Out = 100 SOL giveaway ($25,000~) 

• Secondary listing on major marketplaces (e.g. Solanart.io, Solsea, Alpha.art)

December 2021 PHASE 3: ADVENT

• Daily giveaways (1st-25th December) to reward Claus holders, and community members. 

• 5% MINT proceeds reinvested into marketing plan acceleration. 

• Daily competitions on social media and discord. 

• Concentration on promotion to grow online presence, project attention and floor price. 

• Collaborations and partnerships with reputable projects discussed.

• 25% of royalties are entered into a DAO fund for the community to spend as they wish (e.g. floor sweep)

January 2022 PHASE 5: POST-XMAS

• Members club created for holders with access to exclusive opportunities and network. 

• Holders are automatically whitelisted for future launches/collabs. 

• Members club share ideas on what comes next.

• Community of Claus Holders decide how DAO fund should be spent.

February 2022 PHASE 6: ONWARDS

• Plans begin to emerge for the future 

• Holders begin to benefit from exclusive launches

• Holders continue to decide what to do with the ever-increasing DAO fund

• Festive launches/activities/collabs planned for the year ahead

• Members club becomes a haven of ideas, opportunities, and collaborations

Who are we?

The short answer is that we're a team of "creatives".

We're marketeers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and developers, but one thing we all have in common is our love for NFTs!

Mr. Claus
Project Lead
Mrs. Claus
Marketing Lead
Dev Lead

Our Partners

We're aiming to partner up with various local charities, including "homeless hampers", who help those on the streets during the colder months. We're also on the lookout for opportunities to partner with reputable projects in the Solana ecosystem, and we're already in discussions with various successful project teams!


Where can I get one?

You will be able to mint (buy) straight from our website homepage! Make sure to join our discord to stay up to date for the launch. You will need to set up a Solana wallet (we recommend Phantom), fund it with enough SOL, and connect it to our site when you buy... 

We have put together various "beginners guides" and videos for people who are relatively new to the Solana NFT space. You can also find these in our discord.

Which wallet should I use?

We recommend using Phantom. There is a beginner guide to using Phantom in our discord. 

What happens after Christmas?

Once Christmas is over, Claus holders will continue to benefit long into the future with various exclusive luxuries...

• Claus holders will decide where future funds are spent (e.g. floor sweep), as 25% of secondary-sales royalties are set up in a DAO-fund. 

• Each Claus acts as your ticket into our exclusive members club of investors, designers, developers and entrepreneurs. As long as you're holding, you'll have access to a priceless network of like-minded NFT enthusiasts.

• Claus holders are automatically whitelisted for future launches and collabs with other reputable Solana NFT projects!

Any marketing campaigns planned?

The main marketing push will begin in Phase 3, after the official public launch (to benefit early community members). We are already in discussions with several significant NFT influencers on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Youtube! 

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, music albums, and more. Anything that exists online can be purchased as an NFT, theoretically.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable. Think of Pokémon cards: You can trade them, but a Gastly is not the same as a holographic Charizard. But a bitcoin is indistinguishable from another bitcoin.

One reason to buy an NFT is for its emotional value, which isn’t so different from physical objects...unless you’re a total utilitarian. No one buys lip gloss because they need it. They buy it for the way it makes them feel. The same can be true for a GIF, image, video, or other digital asset.

The other reason is because you think it’s valuable...and will only increase in value. And yes, you can make money off of an NFT by buying and reselling it for more.

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and that entry acts as a digital pink slip. Our NFTs will be encoded using Metaplex's smart contract on the Solana Blockchain.

We offer a number of wallet connections for minting, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the Crypto Claus. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.